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Magic hook, kitchen without nails transparent strong sticky heavy Hanging Adhesive Stainless Steel
Colour: Transparent
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【How to Use the Heavy Duty Sticky Hooks?】
【Adhesive Hooks Works on a variety of smooth surfaces】:
Bathroom, kitchen wall and ceiling, easy to holds bags, coats, towels and anything.Damage-Free Hanging
【Adhesive Hooks EASY TO USE】:
 No tools required, Easy to clean and reposition without surface damage, Just peel off the cover starting from the bulge, then put the hook on smooth surface,Removes cleanly and Easy to apply and remove (Glass and tile)
【Adhesive Hooks designer wall hooks with double power】:
 NOT a sticky sticker, NO glue required. special collection of super powerful, heavy duty adhesive hooks, Quality stainless steel, waterproof, PVC Material.Super Oilproof, high temperature and low resistance. 

【Small Hook - Big Work】:
*Can be used as - Clothes hook / Hat / Kitchen / Self-adhesive / Cargo / Keys / Curtain / etc
*Material: Good Flexible PVC, Super Power Adhesive and High Quality Stainless Steel

1,Clean the place surface where you want to paste the hook away from oil/ dust/ water. Do keep dry before sticking on.
2,Peel off the cover starting from the bulge and make you not touch the adhesive surface.
3,Press the basic of the hook to touch steady from middle to edge, remove air, make sure the basic of the hook fully attached to the surface.,
4.Test if it is really stable enough with your hand and then hang things after hours (24 hours later will be better).

【How to remove and reuse the adhesive hooks?】:
1,Use the hair dryer blowing the hot air to the hook adhesive, then easy to uncover a corner of the hook to remove the hook slowly. No Traces leave without damage the wall.,
2,Clean the dust of the hook adhesive surface with water, dry it with hair dryer later, you can reposition the hook where you want.


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