Topeng Pelembab Tangan & Kaki berkhasiat tumbuhan

Topeng Pelembab Tangan & Kaki berkhasiat tumbuhan Moisturizer Mask Hand&Foot
Flavour: FOOT
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Product Category: Hand Mask       

Whether to import: No

Brand type: boutique domestic products       

Applicable people: general

Fragrance: Fruity       

Product Series: Bisutang Zhencui Moisturizing Hand Mask

Special purpose cosmetics: No     

Net content: plant moisturizing soft and smooth hydrating foot mask

Whether cross-border export exclusive

supply source: No    

Non-special cosmetics registration certificate number: 1    

Ingredients: water

Product specifications: hand mask, foot mask    

Shelf life: 3 years    

Specifications: normal specifications

Cosmetic efficacy: moisturizing, hydrating, moisturizing    

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